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International response to crises in Mali, the Central African Republic and South Sudan

Rohde, Amanda (2015) International response to crises in Mali, the Central African Republic and South Sudan.
Master-Thesis (ULG), University of Vienna. Universitätslehrgang für Internationale Studien
BetreuerIn: Neuhold, Hanspeter

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DOI: 10.25365/thesis.38069
URN: urn:nbn:at:at-ubw:1-29172.67649.918459-5

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Abstract in English

This thesis sets out to analyze the similarities and differences in international response to crisis situations, focusing on three particular crisis outbreaks: Mali in 2012, the Central African Republic in 2013, and South Sudan in 2013. It does so by answering the question: How do political and legal motivations affect the response of international actors to a crisis situation? By investigating the responses on three systemic levels—regional, continental, and international—and through both bi- and multilateral mechanisms, the author is able to discern a pattern of when and why international actors respond as they do to a foreign crisis. The thesis begins with an introduction—including an explanation of research and methodology employed—and goes on to further explain the legal foundations of the international organizations involved. Afterwards, a historical background is offered to set the scene for each crisis and is followed by a summary of the commonalities between each situation. Explanations of the legal and political motivations for the international responses in each case are then provided. Finally, an in-depth analysis explores the why and how of each response, resulting in a conclusion as to the motivations of international actors in such situations.

Schlagwörter in Englisch

South Sudan / Central African Republic / Mali / Crisis Response / International Law / International Relations

Abstract in German

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Schlagwörter in Deutsch

Süd-Sudan / Zentralafrikanische Republik / Mali / Krisenreaktion / internationales Recht / internationale Beziehungen

Item Type: Hochschulschrift (Master-Thesis (ULG))
Author: Rohde, Amanda
Title: International response to crises in Mali, the Central African Republic and South Sudan
Subtitle: finding the pattern
Umfangsangabe: VIII, 62 S.
Institution: University of Vienna
Faculty: Postgraduate Center (PGC)
Studiumsbezeichnung bzw.
Universitätslehrgang (ULG):
Universitätslehrgang für Internationale Studien
Publication year: 2015
Language: eng ... Englisch
Supervisor: Neuhold, Hanspeter
Assessor: Neuhold, Hanspeter
Classification: 15 Geschichte > 15.90 Afrika: Allgemeines
86 Recht > 86.84 Völkerrecht: Allgemeines
86 Recht > 86.91 Recht der internationalen Organisationen
89 Politologie > 89.70 Internationale Beziehungen: Allgemeines
89 Politologie > 89.75 Internationale Konflikte: Allgemeines
AC Number: AC12373410
Item ID: 38069
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